God Has Done It Again: Acting on Prayer and Belief

Have you ever got to a stage in life where you seemed stuck and did not see the way forward; where the path on which you walked seemed crooked and you wondered if you would ever find the highway?

That was where I found myself. I had completed a masters degree, yet found myself without any meaningful employment because of an embargo on employment. My brain had become fuzzy with pregnancy and childbirth. I wondered if I could pursue my goal of further studies now that I was a wife and mother. My lifelong dream of being in academia was dim.

The fact that my better half also had to do further studies made the situation dimmer. The cost of pursuing one PhD is that huge let alone two. I had doubts I could put a proposal together or bring myself to sit by books like I used to. I guess you understand the depth of my hopelessness.

But I had an option—to pray, believe, and act. I trusted God for his perfect will for my life. I discussed the possibility of applying for a PhD programme with my mentor who gave me some ideas about possible places. Within a few weeks, I had put together a PhD proposal.

One morning I visited the Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS) and the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) to make enquiries about their PhD programmes.

The feedback at RIPS was not positive so I went to ISSER where I was impressed about the courses on offer. I also realized for the first time that they had few scholarships available. I informed my hubby about the courses and before I was aware, he had purchased the forms and put in an application for me using the proposal I had prepared.

I was invited with several others for an interview. There were just five slots for funding. I had sleepless nights over an interview I thought didn’t go so well, but I did what I know to do best, to pray.

And bam! God did it! I was among the five people who received DAAD funding for a PhD in Development Studies at ISSER. The funding also included a two-month internship in Germany. God did not only pay for school fees but provided for my monthly sustenance. God is good indeed! His faithfulness is for ever more. I give God all the praise. His grace I do not take for granted. His daily kindness I greatly appreciate. If it had not been for the Lord on our side, where would we be?

Set on course for the future by God’s grace, I trust daily for his provision, grace and mercies. And because he began with me I have full assurance for the grace of glorious completion.

One thing is for sure, if the Lord has not responded to your call, it is because he is working on something big. If your path seems crooked, keep pressing on, the high way is a few steps ahead. God will surely come through for you.

If there is any barrier to your breakthrough, may God’s mighty power cause it to be lifted. Receive the grace of a warrior and press on till the end. Jesus has paid the price for your victory! Walk in it.

In this new year, may God give us the grace to continuously trust him for his perfect will in our lives. May the Lord go before us and make the crooked places straight. May He break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron (Isaiah 45:2). May he give us increase and abundance.

PS: Much love to my mentors Drs Deborah Atobrah and Benjamin Kwansa for their encouragement, references and guidance with my proposal. You are a true blessing!

Shout out to my wonderful colleagues who make the journey enjoyable. Thanks for the guinea fowls, kebabs, potatoes, free lunch, and lifts. Much blessings for you all. Because God himself is our help, we will hold each other by the hand and complete this journey together. Cheers!


35 thoughts on “God Has Done It Again: Acting on Prayer and Belief

  1. Wow. Thank you very much for sharing this inspirational piece. It is my humble prayer that God will see you through your studies successfully.
    If it had not been the Lord on our side, let Israel say!
    God bless the Okyere Asantes.


  2. To God be the glory and may His name alone be praised for His good works. In Times like this I get so excited knowing very well that the enemy has been overcome again and that the power of God does mighty for those who wait patiently in Him. Congratulations daughter of Zion you are a great inspiration to me. May the Lord who has started his great works in you bring it to a successful end in Jesus name even as you continue to life high His banner every step of The way to guide others to the light that is Jesus Himself. Our God reins and lives indeed and is gracious too. Haleluya.


  3. God be praised now and forever more.Thanks for this inspirational testimony. I always tell the younger ones to guide their lives by these three powerful keywords: Pray, Believe and Act.


  4. this is a testimony! my sister you are blessed it is good to trust in the Lord

    On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 11:01 PM, The Okyere Asantes wrote:

    > Patience G. Okyere Asante posted: “Have you ever got to a stage in life > where you seemed stuck and did not see the way forward; where the path on > which you walked seemed crooked and you wondered if you would ever find the > highway? That was where I found myself. I had completed a masters d” >


  5. God bless you for sharing this testimony… May this God who neither sleeps nor slumber watch over you and your family. May He see you through your PhD. I am confident there are greater testimonies ahead.


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