About Us

IMG-20171123-WA0016We are a young couple who have decided to share lessons about our journey through life: from childhood lessons to everyday experiences with family life, personal development, career, academia, parenting, leadership and youth work. Our goal is to raise virtuous youth through mentoring and teaching. 

For many years aindividuals, we have been devoted to helping young people make the right choices in life, especially in the areas of relationships, academic and career choices, and the experiences we have had always come in handy when we speak with these young ones. 

Our activities also include peer counselling, volunteering, speaking, writing, and helping Christians practically and correctly live out God’s word through discipleship. As part of our calling and desire to help those who turn to Christ walk faithfully with Him, we run a discipleship ministry called Mimesis Christou (you can click here to visit the Mimesis Christou blog).

We are also involved in missionary work with the Great Commission Army, and we areimg-20161027-wa0004 partners of other missionary activities in Ghana and beyond. We have been married for  two and a half years and have a son called Nyamedea (The LORD’s, Is. 44:5). 

Patience holds an MPhil in African Studies and is currently a DAAD-funded PhD student reading Development Studies at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), University of Ghana, while Michael, a holder of MPhil in Classical History & Civilisation, is a Lisa Maskell Fellow and PhD student in Ancient Cultures at the Department of Ancient Studies, Stellenbosch University. Call us The PhD Couple if you like 🙂

Michael is also the author of a book on Christian spirituality and growth: Are You Waxing Cold?

To invite us (whether individually or as a couple) to speak or to book an appointment for a counselling session, please contact us on the following numbers: 0542421707 (Patience) or 0546134586 (Michael).


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