Journaling Through Life

One of our secrets to churning out insightful articles is that we journal.

But that’s not the only thing journaling does. From writing down your lows and highs and your thoughts about them, to documenting your goals and dreams, journaling helps you to rethink, reorganise yourself and rebound.

Life is a great teacher. But you have to pay attention and take notes if you want to be a great student.  Michael Hyatt

By the way, if you ever want to write a self-help book, a devotional, a memoir, or a blog, journaling is inevitable. Michael Hyatt, a leadership and productivity expert, has provided a short descriptive text that can serve as a guide.

If you haven’t yet, hit the bookshop and find yourself a spacious diary, a writing pad or a journal and begin to write your story.

If you are digitally inclined there are a lot of apps such as Evernote that support journaling. But be sure to always back up so you don’t lose vital information.

All the best in your journaling.

Photo Credit: Henning Buchholz