The Value of Human Life: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Childcare

She embarks on a long journey. For nine solid months she is not herself. She cannot eat her favourite foods nor enjoy her delicacies. Her body plays funny tricks on her. She feels hungry this moment and the next minute she is vomiting.

She has troubled sleep. Her favourite sleeping posture is on her belly but she cannot do that anymore. Sleeping on her back too gives her backache. She however manages through the nine months journey. I have not mentioned the swollen feet and the rising blood pressure and increased body weight.

WP_20160421_14_55_06_ProHow she prays hard that the days will move faster and that her long journey will finally come to an end. However while they approach, she dreads what lies ahead of her—the unimaginable pain, the possibility of losing her own life.

Finally the stranger she has been nurturing all along arrives through a huge cut, one that has to take another three months to completely heal to enable her do her normal lifting.

She sits on a plastic chair in the children’s ward looking into the incubator. Her stranger’s weight is too low; he has to be observed and put on medication for a while. She is allowed to breastfeed him from time to time.

She has to weigh him before and after breast feeding in order to know how much milk he has fed on. She has to note all the figures down and plot a graph to help track his development. He is on a drip so she carries him with one hand and pushes the drip stand with the other hand.

At night she has no bed to sleep on in the children’s ward. She is not the one on admission but her little stranger. Finding no bed to sleep on, she sits up in the night to watch her little stranger. She dozes off once in a while. She has her own surgery pains to battle with and the sitting up makes it worse.

She misses home and she prays silently for the day when she will finally leave the hospital. The day arrives.

Nyamedea at hospital“You can go home today; your baby is better now. He has picked up weight over the past days,” the doctor on duty tells her. “Thank you Lord!” she smiles and says.

Little does she know what awaits her. A fat bill! What! How on earth is she going to take care of this and why such a huge bill? Well, the Caesarean section alone cost so much aside from her own medication and that of her baby.

Her savings together with that of her husband are gone by the time she leaves the hospital. What happens to the little stranger’s upkeep–his feeding, his diapers, his clothing and other hospital bills? Family and friends step in to help.


Dear friend, I will leave it for you to judge the sacrifice, efforts, sweat, wealth that would have gone into this life (boy) by the time he is five years old, ten years old, twenty years old, thirty, fourth and fifty.

Yet a lot of us treat human beings as if they are a piece of paper or trash? We insult, mock and disrespect people. I have not yet talked about God’s efforts and plans as far as a single individual life is concerned. Let us repent today and learn the true value of human life including ours.

The narrative I have given are the experiences of three different women—myself and two others I shared space with in a hospital ward. This is not fiction at all. I know that other women go through worse things during pregnancy and child birth.

I wondered whether there could not be any easy way out of creating human life. But no, there is no other way or easy way because of the value of human life.

Until these experiences, I saw other people and myself as just some other human being. I had little knowledge of my own value and the productive hours, efforts and wealth that had been expended in my life.

My Pregnancy, childbirth and keen observation of other women’s lives have altogether moulded my view and perception of the value of human life which is enormous, and most valuable of all things that exist on earth.

Value your life! Value other people’s lives. They are too precious to be taken for granted.


Counting My Blessings: Pregnancy, Fear and God

The month of July, 2016 was a very reflective month for me. My eyes had been wet with tears in appreciation of God’s goodness. You know the feeling when you have been walking with God and trusting Him, then you encounter a situation where you thought your end has come and yet God comes through for you? That was exactly how I felt.

I have always known God for His faithfulness, but He has demonstrated it towards me and my family in ways that are dumbfounding.

WP_20160315_10_18_17_ProWhen I picked seed in my first month of marriage, I had not adjusted to my new role as a wife yet.

Coupled with my first pregnancy, the experience was quite overwhelming for me. I asked God for grace daily. You could hear me say aloud ‘Lord help me!’

Then came the nightmares. I had dreams where I had miscarriage. There was one dream where someone told me that no matter how long I carried the pregnancy, they would abort it. All I could do was pray and keep trusting God. I read a lot about pregnancy from and the more I read the more I became afraid of what awaited me in labour.

I had to go through a Cesarean Section because I developed preeclampsia (pregnancy-induced hypertension). But God outsmarted the enemy and helped me through a safe delivery of a bouncing baby boy on the 21st of April.


About the same period of delivery my dad got seriously sick and remained so for a long time. The enemy bargained with me to choose between my dad and my son but I rebuked him. I chose both my son and my Dad. The devil wanted to cut short the joy that the new child had brought into the family but Jesus said NO. God saved us from sorrow; He did not permit that I wore black instead of the white I was supposed to wear as a new mother. Glory to His name.

There were petty issues of unforgiveness in my family that created a doorway for the enemy but the blood of Jesus spoke on our behalf. At instances where we did not know how to pray and were weak in prayer, the Holy Spirit interceded on our behalf. He revealed whatever was hidden and helped us handle them through prayer.

When we chatted as a family, laughed together with my dad and played with my son, all I could do was to raise my eyes to heaven and say ‘Lord indeed your faithfulness abounds’.

In the month of July, I graduated with an MPhil in African Studies from the University of Ghana—a journey purely made on divine provision.


We had the naming ceremony of our precious angel, Nyamedea (he truly belongs to the Lord) which coincided with our first marriage anniversary—what I call the triple blessings!

We owe it all to Jesus. His praise will continually be on our lips. If there is something I will never stop doing, it is trusting God with my whole being and relying on His will and directions for my life. The journey has just began; we rely solely on His abundant grace to keep us going and winning, all to His glory and purpose. I urge you to also count your blessings and give Him the praise He deserves.