Educational Campaigns


Despite gains made in enrolment figures in senior high schools, many students from rural communities in Ghana are unable to get access to tertiary education due to poor grades, lack of motivation, inaccessible information, lack of financial support, and teenage pregnancy.

Unfortunately, when past students who have attained appreciable height could have served as role models for these ones, the students have no means of interacting with them. Even then, it often seems an impossible height to achieve what those they hear of have attained, and the communities in which these students live may not have a lot of people who could serve as role models.

It is in this light that we seek to encourage young people in and from rural communities and provide relevant information and support to enable them rise above their limitations and gain access to institutions of higher learning.


The purpose of our educational campaigns is to encourage students in senior high schools in rural communities and students from rural communities who may be enrolled in senior high schools to pursue virtuous character and academic excellence and aspire to high levels of education. Through these campaigns we hope to achieve three related goals:

  • To get many senior high school students in rural communities gain admission into tertiary institutions;
  • To identify and help well-performing students who have promise of academic excellence at higher levels but do not have the means;
  • To help curb teenage pregnancy among girls in rural communities.


Over the next five years (2017-2022), we will embark on educational campaigns to senior high schools in the Sefwi and Kwahu areas. The choice of these areas stem from our experience schooling in these areas, whose schools are mostly less-endowed.

It was through similar visits by alumni that challenged us to rise above our limitations and make it to the university. We will now want to give back to our communities, hence the choice of beginning with Sefwi and Kwahu.


  • Educational information sessions
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Writing and reading workshops
  • Educational trips
  • Financial aid

The 2017 Campaign

This year’s campaign is a visit to four senior high schools in the Sefwi area from the 3rd to 7th July, 2017: Sefwi Wiawso Senior High School, Sefwi Wiawso Senior Technical School, Sefwi Bekwai Senior High School, and St. Joseph’s Senior High School at Dwinase.

There are seven participants who will be on the ground: one BA/MPhil graduate from the University of Ghana, one BA and BSc graduate each from the University of Cape Coast, one BSc graduate from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, one teacher with the Ghana Education Service, one nurse with the Ghana Health Service, and one BSc student from the University of Ghana.

Our total budget for this year’s campaign is GHS910 ($207).

To support this campaign, please contact us Michael (233546134586) or Patience (233542421707) or by email at kwadwoasante1 [at]


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